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The Night Prince

My Altar

This is the current state of my altar, as you can see I’ve made some changes, I’ve added some stuff  that I have bought and made. for one I’ve now gotten representations for Morpheus.

I’ve always seen blue sandstone as a sort of “Night” stone, and while it’s not something associated with Morpheus, I use it to represent him when not using Amethyst. on his representation/offering plate I have a skeleton key ( bought it from someone who had collected them from an old building in Sweden. ) there are some small Haematite stars and a stone, aswell as some quartz, my blue sandstone skull, and of course a wolf claw, bought from a wolf shelter from a wolf who died happy and naturally.

other than that my main altar hasn’t change much, I now have some feathers, and I repainted an old plaque for the much needed touch of the night sky. 

over all I’m happy with it, it looks more… whole. like every thing works and nothing quite stands out like it used to.